Saturday, October 29, 2011 – Burro Mountains – CD Trail

This week, Mary Ann and I took the southern part of the Continental Divide Trail that we did last Sunday. It is located in the Burro Mountains. Cody joined us and I think that putting her in the cage with it covered definitely helps her car anxiety.

The hike meanders through meadows and creeks and has a few climbs to it. It was a great work-out as we tried to keep a steady pace. The last 2+ miles is on a dirt road going back to the car. Since it was after 4:00 p.m., we saw MANY hunters in pick-up  trucks along the road. It was a bit surprising to see that many. We didn’t see any deer at all, and only a few tracks, so we  wondered where the hunters were going to find their targets. Obviously, the Burros are a popular place to hunt this time of year. I’m thinking that an Orange vest might be a fine addition to the gear!

Mary Ann taking a break with the Mogollon Mountains in the backround

We had many opportunities to see the Mogollon Mountains in the distance and several views of the Tyrone Mine. Also, on the dirt road, we found an old rock house that we explored. I always wonder about the history of these old buildings and the people who made them. If anyone knows anything about this one, I’d love to hear the story! At one point we saw something curious that I wish I photographed. Scattered on the ground were a large quantity of Quartz rock. They were densely populated in this one area and it almost looked like a huge boulder had been dropped and had broken into these many pieces that were now just lying near each other. It was a curious sight.

We were out for 3 hours and according to the handy dandy GPS, we went 5.41 miles. My longest hike yet. I aim to be able to do 8-10 miles by the time I’m 6-8 months into this project.

An old stone building in the Burro Mountains

9 down / 91 to go!


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