Saturday, November 12, 2011 – Water Canyon – Mimbres River Hike

In a hiker’s journeys, I guess there has to be an ugly hike now and then. I have been thrilled with quite a few beautiful hikes in the past 13 – but this wasn’t one of them.

For 11 years now, we have regularly camped and done some Cowboy Action Shooting in Water Canyon in the Mimbres Valley – generously lent to us by our benefactor, John Fowler. So I knew that some of my 100 hikes would be around this area. Margaret and I, along with
Cisco and Cody, decided we would walk the dirt road to the Mimbres River and then walk north along the river for an hour and then back. The river was dry (it is well known that the river runs underground more often than above in this area), and we walked along the river rocks and talked up a storm. Mr. Fowler runs a gravel pit in the area to the south but since we were going north, we were unconcerned with gravel pit operations. Well, we were quickly stopped of our north bound plans by fencing. It’s probably not wise to cross over unknown
fences onto unknown land so we turned around at John’s fence and decided to head south. This path took us through the gravel pits and onto some scraped land near the river. We were in a low spot with berms to guide the water so there were no views, no trees, no water. We got in our 2 hours, but it was probably the ugliest hike I’ve been on. The company and conversation made up for it – as did the bottle of wine that awaited us at the camp sight.

If you’re wondering about Cowboy Action Shooting, sometimes called SASS – Single Action Shooting, it’s a fun sport involving 2 single action pistols, a rifle and a shotgun – all weapons
must be from the 1880’s genre. You wear period-correct costuming and are scored on time and accuracy. It’s a lot of fun and the people are wonderful! Check out the local club at: or just Google “Single Action Shooting” for the national site.


2 hours and approximately 3.5 miles


13 down / 87 to go


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First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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