Uphill and excellent!

Sunday, January 29, 2012 – Mountains north of my house

Starting altitude: 6798  / Highest point reached: 7745 / Altitude change of 947 feet


Today's smile brought to you by "This View!"

What a wonderful day – I love to explore new places and be where I’ve never been before! Marianne took April and I (and Cisco too!), up to the north of our houses. We had a STEEP climb up through a trail onto a dirt road. Marianne gave us our options of possibly going left or right, we decided on left – but not until after we quickly explored to the right, where there is a mine that apparently is being actively worked. It wasn’t far and we snooped around and took a photo and off we went to the left – west.

As Frank always says, "A mine is a terrible thing to waste!"

We walked along the north side of Dos Griegos and west towards a subdivision that is improved – but there are no houses. (It’s the one that is accessed off of Little Walnut to Cleveland Mine Road.) We came to Radio Tower Road and headed north and up in altitude. There are so many wonderful views from here that we periodically stopped for photo ops (O.K. I fess up, I was out of breath from the uphill climb and took photos as an excuse to rest!). I was amazed that I could get here from my house, on foot!

Looking south towards Mexico.











This hike was certainly my hardest to date; there were several steep challenges! I am absolutely amazed at the differences in variety of the 37 hikes I’ve done so far – all within a few miles of home! From pine forest to desert landscape, riparian restoration sight, mines, rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, the list goes on and on! I’ve loved this area of the United States for about 12 years now. I feel deeply connected to it more than ever – really appreciating the rugged beauty of it.


5.01 miles / 3:00 hours

37 down / 63 to go




Looking west towards Arizona.




When thinking about what to bring on a hike, I suggest these two women!






About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. Beautiful view! And what’s this, several hikes without a view of the kneeling nun? You still in Silver City? 🙂

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