An old mining area in New Mexico

03-05-12 – Fierro Hiking




Interesting rock formation.


When I want to do a quick hike, I tend to stay close in to Silver City. My go-to spots include Fort Bayard, Little Walnut Rd. and Fierro. Shelley and I drove to Fierro since she had not been out that way previously and I thought she might enjoy seeing the mine ruins and such.

It is unfortunate that many beer drinking folks like this area too because when we drove out there we found a lot of trash, mostly of the party kind. The trash really disappoints and frustrates me; I was always taught to respect things and be considerate of other people. Sigh.


Can you see the wild curve of this tree trunk???


The sunny day enhanced our hike down an old dirt road and along a creek. We enjoyed walking through the pine trees and Cody certainly enjoyed the cool stream water. The photographs will show some interesting rock formations and views. We also came upon an old mine shaft – photos shown here. We stopped and ate brownies on a downed tree and talked. Brownies may become a necessary pack item! No respectable hike is without them!

Looking down at the old mine shaft from the trail.


Next we climbed down to explore.


A bird's eye view.


On the way back, we found interesting rocks that had flat and polished sides to them. It was strange, because they certainly seemed to be man-made – and they’re so pretty that they don’t look like ‘throw-aways’ to me.

Can anyone tell me what I've got here?


I mentioned to Shelley that one of these days I was going to check out the Fierro Cemetery and she told me that today was the day. We drove up the little dirt road and found a larger cemetery than expected. I am providing some of the pictures here; this would be an interesting place for a photographer to come because there are many interestingly designed markers in the cemetery.






In a previous post I had a link to the Fierro information – I provide it here again. It’s an interesting part of the southwest history.


I also wondered what Fierro means – it means ‘Iron’ in Spanish.



2.73 miles / 2.0 hours

43 down / 57 to go


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First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. Beautiful… I am from New Mexico!!!

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