100 Hikes in a Year – #50 Complete



The mouth of a mine shaft.



The temperature was seriously cooler near the opening. You go in, no you go, I'm not going in there, you go!


03-30-12 – Cleveland Mine Hike

The views up here are FINE!


I just updated my status and this is hike #50! I’m a WOOHOO girl today! It’s all downhill from here! I’m on track to complete on time since I had a goal to complete the first 50 by April 1st. The first half of this challenge has been incredible for me. When I think back to my experiences, it’s just fantastic! The things I’ve seen, the people I’ve gotten to be with and enjoy, the sore muscles the next day, the photographs. Even the planning has been fun, asking people their suggestions, writing down directions on the back of napkins at parties, pulling hand drawn maps out of my pocket from fellow hikers’ suggestions.

I believe this is LS Mesa.


A few stats: I have travelled 171 miles, and have been out for 126 hours. Cody has joined me on 34 hikes, Cisco is at 17, Marianne is at 13, and Helen is at 8. If the first half has been this interesting, I look forward to the second half like little Suzy on Christmas Eve!

This field is where the tailings are stored. There are pipes coming out of the ground to release gases as they build. It's completed fenced and probably toxic. But, I'm an optimist, It's got the BEST views!!


Helen heard about Cleveland Mine, and I went last week and was excited to explore it more so off we went on another hike of discovery. I talked about what little info I knew and had seen before as we climbed up the road towards the mine. I showed her the tailings area and a damn and an old foundation along with a well head. We wound around to where I knew many of the structures were clustered together and we enjoyed checking out old foundations and building remains. There were also so many different rocks; we got dizzy pointing them out to each other. The road continued on and we soon came to the mine shaft (1st two photos in this post). After exploring, we decided to continue further up the road. As we did, the wide scope of the operation 100 years ago became apparent. There were MANY holes and tailings and wood pieces and metal that I got tired of taking pictures of them all! We stopped for a break in a location that had tons of holes before heading back. Honestly, it was pretty amazing, and as usual, I find I have more questions and an interest in doing some more research on the area. Must check out Google earth! This is definitely a hike I’ll take visitors to – it’s worth it!


All that remains of an old structure - a residence, I suspect.

 Here is information on the Clean-up that occurred here a few years back – http://www.epa.gov/region6/6sf/pdffiles/0600952.pdf


Here are a few photographs of the sampling of holes we explored. And no, we didn't go in any.










* * * * * * * * * * * *


On a more somber note, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this runner who is missing up in the Gila Hot Springs area since Wednesday, but here is a link to his story. Basically, he went out for a run and hasn’t been seen since. It brings to light how dangerous this wilderness area can be. I hope he’s found safe….. and soon!




* * * * * * * * * * * *


4.00 miles / 3.50 hours

50 down / 50 to go

I don't think this photo shows it clearly, but we're pretty sure that's a bear print - and from the amount of scat around, it's quite possible!

Helen and Cisco checking out the old building structures.

Looking down at the old building structures.


About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. Fun hike today and great pictures!

  2. Happy Half Way!

  3. hi, been following your adventures for a while. this one sounds fantastic. i love old, historic places. we have lots in new england, but bears? that’s not a problem i’ve ever had to worry about!

  4. I spent lots of time in New England – a great place to hike! I really enjoy hiking to see a particular thing – whether it be geological or historical – makes the more interesting. A bear track and scat is the closest I care to be to a bear! Be safe out there! Thanks for the comment!

  5. I admire your passion for hiking and thank you for your interesting posts and great photos.
    I am a teacher from Colorado who is currently writing a book on the frontier, I am doing the Lewis and Clark trail in its entirety-hiking (maybe some kayaking later). I am about 400 miles in sometimes have trails, sometimes roads, sometimes just winging it, I do it in segments when I have vacations. I am loving every minute of it. I will keep following your blog, and thanks for the article you posted!

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