An Emotional Hike of the Heart

04-01-12 – Sheep Corral Canyon Hike


A meadow we found along Trail 876.


Approximately one year ago, Tom Buckley headed off for the adventure of a hiker’s dreams. He started hiking the Appalachian Trail in March 2011, challenging himself to complete the 2180 mile hike of legends in a thru (continuous) hike.  Sadly, his challenge was never completed because on April 11, 2011 Tom never woke up from his tent, apparently the victim of a heart attack. On that day, another challenge started….. for his wife, Mary Ann.

Mary Ann and I are neighbors, but I didn’t really know her. When I heard about Tom’s passing, I brought over a meal, to show support and give a little comfort. Since that day, Mary Ann and I have been hiking together and getting to know each other. It’s strange to start a friendship because of a death. But this is how it started for us. During our hikes, we talked about everything including politics, recipes, work, money, religion, and naturally, loss of a spouse.

Here we are a year later; today we venture out and look for the perfect spot to release Tom’s ashes into the wilderness. This is just a reconnaissance mission; the release day will be shared with a group of Tom’s loved ones in mid-April. We explore several beautiful spots, analyzing the attributes like the two project managers we are.  At the end of the ride, Mary Ann has a short list of stunning locations she likes and she’ll decide which one she’ll use in the coming days. We end our hunt with a hike on a trail up Sheep’s Corral Canyon Rd., walking through pine forests and hills with a light breeze and the deep blue sky of New Mexico.

I suggest that you never avoid the opportunity to reach out to someone in need; you’ll receive more than you give.


For more information about the Appalachian Trail Hikers, check out:


3.47 miles / 2.0 hours

51 down / 49 to go


About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. word. thank you. great post.

  2. A very moving story. Thanks for sharing!

    • This blog entry only skims the pond of this story. I don’t feel it’s my place to tell someone else’s excrutiating circumstance. But I did want Mary Ann to know that people care and we can all help each other through life’s bumpy ride. I’ve learned a lot while getting to know her during this time.

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