4-29-12 – CD Trail – Little Walnut Rd to Bear Mountain Road

Since December, when Mary Ann and I hiked the CD trail from Bear Mountain Rd to a beautiful meadow and then back again (see hike #25, 12-18-11), we have wanted to do a through hike from the other side – Little Walnut Road. We finally had time to do it today with April. The negative to through hikes is that it takes time to set both cars in their proper locations. In this case, it took us an hour on each side of the hike. So our 3 hour trek took us 5 hours, door to door. No problem really, as long as you have some time for it.  I will say, now that I’ve learned more about my GPS, it is cool to use the ‘mark’ function and then watch your progress as you close in on your ‘mark’ – in this case, Mary Ann’s car.

Mary Ann, April and Cody with Bear Mountain in the background



We start the hike at 9:00, once the cars have been set in place. We quickly see that this is a well used trail; we pass 3 mountain bikers and then a few minutes later, 2 runners. We are amused by both – I wouldn’t be biking since I have weak knees (and I’m afraid of private part injuries), and the thought of me running off of flat, even ground sounds like a broken ankle. But I always admire when I see people doing it. Anyone getting the idea that I’m a wee bit clumsy?

The terrain here is pine trees and hills and, oh yeah, beautiful. It’s nice and cool and we enjoy the trail. As usual, the conversations fascinate me. Today we discuss the government/education/student loans issue, the meaning of art, the art we’ve seen, budgets, finances, religion, why April is going to Germany, the price of hotels, cancer, grieving, abortion, work, and tons of other subjects. Whew! No wonder I’m always out of breath during these walks!

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The topography gradually opens up to be more rolling hills with pinons and oaks. Then we climb up the east side of a mountain and finally we get to the reason I was looking forward to this hike. In the middle of this section of the CD trail is a beautiful meadow. There are several hills with open fields and you can see the mountains around it with dramatic views.  I would love to come here and just ramble up and down the hills and explore the whole area.

We rest at the two hour mark and sit under a tree for a snack. Then on to the last half of the trail which brings us away from the meadow, towards Bear Mountain and up a rocky hill. This trail is so diverse; we’ve passed through so many different terrains! After Cody alerts us to a few cattle, we reach the car and head back to retrieve my car. The weather was perfect, the conversation stimulating (as usual) and now Cody sleeps at my feet. What a great Sunday!!!

5.50 miles / 3.0 hours

58 down / 42 to go


About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. beechcreekproject

    Sounds and looks like a beautiful trail to hike or try out on a mountain bike. Love the pictures and best of luck on the rest of your hikes. Stay safe.

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