Hike #72 – Cherry Creek – from Highway 15 towards Bear Creek

June 28, 2012

Lynn and I took Orfa in search of water on Cherry Creek. We entered it where the creek crosses below Highway 15 and heads SW towards Bear Creek. It’s a hike I’ve done before that is shaded, relatively flat (the knees were happy!) and usually has water in it. Orfa was disappointed to find very little water and what little puddles there were, Mom wouldn’t let her explore. What? You don’t want your dog drinking green scum? I don’t understand. (Yuck!)

We enjoyed catching up; we haven’t had a chance to talk in way too long! We also enjoyed walking through the woods, checking out interesting rock outcroppings and climbing a few boulders. At first the trail is well worn but as the creek narrows, the boulders close in, the plants overgrow where the empty spots used to be, and we climbed and bush wacked around a bunch of boulders for a while.

I guess Orfa will have to wait a week or two for monsoon season to begin to cool off in the water.

It has been brought to my attention that there are advertisements in my blog entries. I do not add them, I do not want them, and if anyone could tell me how to get rid of them I would appreciate it!

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1.3 miles /2.0 hours

72 down /28 to go


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  1. i don’t see any ads on your site. the person who complained may be using a feed aggregator. i find that google reader puts ads in some feeds that are not in the original post, though i don’t recall ever seeing any on your feed.

  2. I don’t see adds on your blog, but I’ve heard the same thing about my blog and I haven’t put any adds on mine either. Apparently WordPress occasionally puts adds on our blogs. You can stop that from happening by paying an annual fee: http://en.wordpress.com/products/

  3. Kyle, when I opened my blog to read your comment, sure enough, there was a video ad – something about “Don’t Forget Ed” and it was a you-tube video. Isn’t it kind of funny to have to pay to not see ads???

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