Hike #73 – Meadow Creek – 2.2 miles, trail on the right.

July 1, 2012

I love it when an exploration turns out glorious. Sometimes when you go down a dirt road, you find out it goes for 100 yards and then peters out. This time, Mary Ann, Cody and I tried out a dirt road I noticed on previous trips up Meadow Creek Rd – a.k.a. FR 149. I calculated that you drive 2.2 miles and then on the right hand side you see a dirt road. I believe we ended up on FR 88 and then up into Skates Canyon, but honestly, when looking at a map compared to the actual hike, I’m never sure. We parked at the opening and headed into the woods. Mary Ann let me borrow extra poles so I can see if I like the light-weight ones. So far, I do. May have to buy myself a pair. They’re lighter, easier to maneuver, they keep you balanced. I’m not sure if they helped my knees; my knees don’t hurt so much today but also there wasn’t a lot of climbing on this hike either. Time will tell.

We hiked along a small stream that actually had a little water in it and we even came to two springs; I hope the photographs show them well enough. I liked it because there was so much green and flowers and trees. It was so lush – something I haven’t seen for a long time. We also saw a lot of bear scat – one was quite fresh looking. {Don’t worry Cary; I wasn’t hiking alone!}

As always, we got into some great discussions about a wide assortment of topics. It reminded me of a conversation I had a while back. I was hiking with a friend and we got talking about our elderly parents and how to deal with their waning independence. I told her that my senior plan was to perform suicide by adventure. On my 80th birthday, I’m going to go sky diving, the following month, speed car racing, and so on until I give myself a heart attack or the chute doesn’t open. She laughed and said that her plan was incarceration. I liked the idea. You get a little place of your own, 3 meals a day, you’ve been paying for the jail system all these years, and you may as well get something out of it. I like when people have plans for their lives!!!

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2.42 miles /2.0 hours

73 down /27 to go


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  1. linda, i just had to send you this link when i read about it!


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