Hike #77 – Meadow Creek Road – Past Scout Camp and Up Creek Bed – Gila National Forest

I’ve been exploring the trails in and around Meadow Creek. Today, Sharon and I walked the road which turned into creek bed and back to road beyond the creek. There was a good amount of rain up here yesterday and Cody had plenty of opportunities for drinking and playing in mud. With about 11 days of rain, the desert is turning green fast and we thoroughly enjoyed the trees, plants and grasses. We even came across spearmint – only because Cody ran through it and brought the smell with her.

A few minutes beyond our car, we found 4-5 old building foundations. I’ve been researching them and found out that they are the remains of an old Boy Scout camp which was relocated to the Mimbres Valley – now known as Camp Thunderbird. It was moved due to fear of fire – the area only has one way in and out so I can see how it would be dangerous in a fire situation. I also found out that if you walk further up, there is a waterfall and swimming hole. I’m going back some day to investigate!

Although we walked close to 4 miles, it was all fairly flat so was not as tiring as some of the other trails I’ve done. We also saw another trail that went up a canyon that we plan to try in the coming weeks.

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3.77 miles /2.14 hours

77 down /23 to go


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  1. Mike and I used to hike that trail in college. Last year we tried to find it but took the wrong turn off! I need directions!!!

    • Hey there you! You go up Highway 15 – the turn off is about 12-18 miles up Highway 15- there’s a brown Forest Service sign that says “Meadow Creek 3 Miles” — it’s a litle past the Signal Peak turn off. Hey, let’s go together – I can show you!

  2. I have more information about the camp. It turns out it was NOT associated with Camp Thunderbird. It was associated with “Tuff Moses” which has something to do with “The Yucca COuncil” which is in some way associated with the Boy Scouts of America. Here is a link to some info: http://www.yuccabsa.org/CouncilHistory.htm .

  3. Hey Linda:

    I was at the Tuff Moses camp last Saturday, with the Audubon group, birding. Someone in our group said the site had been a Forest Service facility, but from the info concerning the Yucca Council, that seems to be in error.


  4. Julian, did you see the link? It talked about a camp at Meadow Creek. The way it was set up, it appeared to be a camp of some sort.

  5. I used to camp out on Meadow Creek back around 1970 It looks much the same, including old Camp Tuff Moses, which was a ruin even then. I knew an older man named Bill Humble, who had been a scout executive at the camp.

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