Hike #81 – FR 89, Meadow Creek, Gila National Forest

July 24, 2012 – A hike in the Skate Canyon area

On hike #73 (July 1st) I ran into a couple hiking with their dogs and they mentioned another side trail off of Meadow Creek that was very nice. I’ve looked for it but never found it until last week. Through the trees, we saw a trail meandering up a hill and after exploring the area, found a downed forest road marker. So this week, we headed for it and can now thoroughly understand why the gentleman said it was one of his favorites. It is on the Forest Service map as #88, but all the signage calls it 89. It’s a beautiful climb up a mountainside with many large trees and boulders; this one really reminds me of trails back east. It was green, damp, and lots of shade. After a mile or so of climb, it levels off and we walk along a ridge for a while. There are several side trails to explore including 4256, and 869 (869 is on the map).

On top of that ridge, the terrain turns decidedly rocky with lots of boulders; we walked across bedrock for a good half a mile and lost the road a few times. The long range views were fantastic of the Gila… mostly to the north. Sharon plans to further explore this area with her husband and Jeep. According to the map, 869 goes pretty far so they should have an interesting ride.

We were both really pleased that we did over 6 miles today; although to be honest, I’m feeling it now. I’m going to sleep well tonight! I also am excited because next week we’re going to bring lunch and try another trail we saw in the same area. I hope we do over 8 miles on that one.

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6.22 miles /3.5 hours

81 down /19 to go


About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. You do realize you are going to have to up the ante! It’s only mid way through the year and you are already at hike #81.

  2. Kim, I started on October 1st when my best friend came for a visit – so I have 19 hikes to do by Sept. 30th. Still, I’m in good shape!

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