Hike #84 – Meadow Creek to Forest Rd 609, Gila National Forest

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Today’s hike concludes our tour of Meadow Creek, although there are more sites to explore in the area. After the 100, I want to come back to Meadow Creek over and over again. Three places to investigate include: around the Boy Scout camp, up FR 88/89 and then to the left onto 869, and lastly, farther up the creek to where there is a cabin and waterfall.

A few weeks back, Sharon eyed a small trail through the trees. At that time, we explored the entrance and identified several landmarks in anticipation of today’s hike. We parked in our usual spot, walked down the main road to our landmarks, turned left and upward we went! I always get this sense of adventure when I start a new trail. As I walk, my head swivels looking for interesting attractions.  We saw cool mushrooms, glazed pottery pieces, a ‘field’ of old tin cans all bunched into a small area, interesting birds (I’m trying to get id’s on one of them as I write this), beautiful views of Scott and Signal Peaks, and elk prints.

The trail follows a small creek/tributary up the canyon side and onto a ridge. There are ponderosa, pinions, junipers and lots of green grasses, flowers and plants. Gradually, the ridge turns downward and we connect with other trails including 4257A and 4086O (does anyone know where they come out? I can’t find them on the map……..). We follow and lose the trail along the hillsides in the area. It appears on the GPS that we are heading back towards the main Meadow Creek trail and that we’re making a large loop. But eventually the trail peters out for good. We bushwhack for a while and then decide that in order to get in the desired mileage (we are aiming for 6-8 miles), we are better off retracing our steps.

This was a very attractive hike that I look forward to redoing in the future!


6.5 miles /4.0 hours

84 down /16 to go


About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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