Hike #86 – CD Trail from Highway 15 to Webb Gulch

August 7, 2012 – Happy Birthday, Kristen!

Our through hike today took a little coordinating. Sharon’s husband drove us to our access point for the CD Trail on Highway 15 – just past the Arrastra site. Frank planned to pick us up between 1-3 at the Jones’ house. Our plan was to hike the Continental Divide Trail from Highway 15 to our friend’s house off of Webb Gulch; we estimated it was approximately 6-8 miles.

This trail is a beauty as you walk through tall pines and creeks, on old roads, and then come up to views of the monastery and the Gila National Forest. It has a lot of up and downs, which didn’t bother me yesterday, but my legs do feel it today. We also saw evidence of old mining activity, bear scat and a turkey that had a VERY bad day recently.  Later, when our friends mentioned that they had mountain lion activity in the area, we think we know what happened to that turkey!

We had many views of “Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery”. They have quite an operation up there; we saw gardens, barns, a large water tank and several other buildings. The trail came around to the north of their property and then swung down to the south so we really did see much of their beautiful set-up.

This portion of the CD Trail is maintained by Bob G. who lives in the area. The trail is made up of old roads and trails and is well marked.

I was a little concerned about locating the spot where we turn off to get to the Jones’. I had been there on June 3rd with Vicki and thought I would remember the trail. When we got in the area, sure enough, I saw the turn off and we headed up a slope. Soon we came to a fence and newer looking gate, but it didn’t look familiar and I felt like we were off course. I called Margaret and we soon had neighbor Bob on his ATV to guide us back. Frank and Jim were even saddled up ready to come to show us the way. Luckily, we huffed and puffed up the last hill to their house before they headed out. In looking back, I made the call too soon. It was only 12:30 in the afternoon; I could see their house marked on my GPS. If we knocked around some more up there, we would have found the hidden trail and gotten to them easily. {I learned that it’s very hard to get directions from someone when you’re out in the woods. How do you describe where you are? “I’m at a fence with a lot of trees around it”?????} A second option was to stay on the CD Trail and take it to FR 506 which connects to their road.

Once we were back on track, we were able to check out “Tin Town”, an old mining enclave, which I describe in my June 3rd post (hike #63).

The map that is included in the photos shows most of our trip; it’s the line in red. We went from the eastern most part to the spot where is says ‘Water’.

All in all, it was a great hike that I look forward to doing again!

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6.40 Miles / 4.5 Hours

86 down /154to go


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  1. Frank and jim were all too eager to come rescue you gals, lol!

  2. Silver City Linda

    I think they were planning on coming to meet us anyway! Any excuse to get up on the horse! ; )

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