Hike #92 – Gila National Forest – Sheep Corral Canyon Rd – FR 4083T

AKA: Hunter’s Highway

This hike was crowded…. the hunters are out!! We walked on Sheep Corral Canyon Rd way up at about the 5.9 mile mark. We saw many (too many) hunters out for the week-end. There were 5 RV’s up there, one tent, and several ATV’s moving about. Note to self: time to wear my orange t-shirt. Don’t worry Cary, we didn’t hear any shooting; they generally hunt at day break and night fall. Even so, I kept the dogs close by so they weren’t mistaken for targets.

Dora, Cody, Cisco and I hiked partly on the road and the rest of the way on Forest Road 4083T. This area is mountainous and we were continually catching our breaths on the uphill climbs. The landscape is worth it though; there are many pine trees and periodically long-range views peak through the trees. The road gets a little rough in spots but is drivable for most of the way. Just take it slow.

And another good thing: we finally saw the road’s namesake: Sheep’s Corral! There must have been a small community there because we also saw a water holding tank, a second tank, a man-made rock wall, a solar panel (sometimes used for well pumps) and a variety of pipes and such. I am asking some of the locals for how the corral got there, who used it, etc. I just love the old stories! I’ll add to this post if I hear any of the history.

Before we loaded up the car, we explored FR 4083T for about 15 minutes. It looks like a good trail for hikers. I’ll explore it more in the future.

And now it’s time to go to a Labor Day BBQ.

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2.83 Miles / 2.0 Hours

92 down /8 to go


About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. ha! i just put up a post whining about all the people out on the trail today myself!

  2. I know, right??? It was downright crowded!

  3. I stumbled onto your site while researching another hike and really enjoyed your travels. (tho’ I have many more to go thru) I live in Silver, too, cover much of the same ground and try to go some place different each week. Many of my local hikes and climbs are on my blog, listed below. Most recently (yesterday) I went in to Devil’s Garden and greatly enjoyed the hike. Very unique and beautiful up there and the hermit, “Doug,” with cabin at the spring is very pleasant and knowledgeable. I also meet with a group of seniors (I’m 70 yrs old) at the information center at Hudson and Broadway each Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM. for hikes all over the local area. It would be great to meet you and your husband for coffee some day.

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