Hike #98 – Tadpole Ridge – Gila National Forest

09-23-12 – First hike of autumn!

Last December we went to a Winter Solstice party where I got talking to a few hikers and ended up writing trail notes on the back of a paper plate. One of those suggestions was Tadpole Ridge. Why I just got to it now, I don’t know. But when I started thinking about hikes I wanted to be included in “The 100”, Tadpole was among them, so Dora and I did it today.

This trail has access points (1) 6.6 miles up Sheep Corral Canyon Rd, and (2) on Highway 15 right near the Signal Peak trailhead, with 8.5 beautiful miles between them. We decided to drive up to the top and hike a few miles and then turn around and head back.

The trail is uphill for the first 2 miles; we went from an altitude of 7200 to over 8400 in those 2 miles! But oh was it worth it! At first, we meandered through the woods and it started drifting upwards. Then we began a knee-bracingly steep climb up the side of the mountain. Long range views peaked out through the trees. Once up top, we met 2 other hikers doing the same thing we just did. After a short chat, we continued on and came to Tadpole Lake (okay, who names these things??? It’s a stock pond) and enjoyed a break. We went a bit further, enjoying the more flat ridge and its views in all directions. I was happy to see that many of my photographs came out; the views are really worth it. At one point, we came to another trail called Sycamore; I’d like to check that one out in the future!

Ponder me this: Will someone explain to my dog that the icky water she didn’t want to drink from the pond was the same water she willingly drank from her bowl? Is she getting particular in her old age?

Ponder me this too: After all this hiking, why are my knees still sore and I still get winded at steep climbs? I really thought I’d be in better shape by now!


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4.88 Miles / 4.0 Hours

98 down/2 to go


About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. Hi Linda:

    By curious coincidence, Jim, Rich, Orfa, and I made that same hike on Friday. Orfa loved swimming in the oversized mud puddle that passes for a pond.

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