About 100 Hikes

About 100 Hikes

I live in Silver City, New Mexico, in the foothills of the Gila National Forest. In 2011-2012 I performed 100 different hikes in a 12 month period. I started on October 1, 2011 when my best friend Nancy came for a visit to celebrate our 51st birthdays. And I accomplished the goal in September 2012.

The rules were simple enough. The hikes must be 2 hours or longer, they must be on dirt road or trail (a hike on blacktop is called a walk), and they must all be different.

I originally began the 100 Hike Challenge to make myself get in better shape and accomplish something. I ended up learning so much…. about this area, myself, my friends, and hiking preparedness.

After the hiking challenge, I wrote an article that was published in “Desert Exposure”. Check it out here: http://www.desertexposure.com/201211/201211_100_hikes.php

I enjoyed writing the article so much that I expanded it to write a monthly article about hiking in the Silver City area. They are all reposted on this blog for you to enjoy.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like some hiking information in the area. Enjoy!

09-29-12 - Linda W Mountain 023 (10)

Here I am with Cody at the ‘W’ north of Silver City, NM on the day we accomplished our 100 hikes. What a day!

  1. I just came across your blog and enjoy reading your posts. From some of your comments I take it you are from NY or NJ area. My wife and I are from the east coast, she is from CT and I grew up in NJ. We bought in SC a few years ago but have not made the move there yet. Thanks for the posts.

    • Hi Jeff, my husband was born and raised in Brooklyn, and I’m from Kearny, NJ. We’re a long way from home! Do you enjoy hiking; Is that why you were reading my posts? This part of New Mexico is a great place for outdoor sports!

      • Hi Linda, Jeff here, I commented on your Black Hawk Canyon under my blogging name Sonny Knight. I too, grew up in NJ near Sparta in Sussex County. I love the outdoors and outdoor adventures. I have a medical condition that has weakened my legs so realistically my hiking days are over. Last year I retired on a disability but in the back of my mind I keep thinking about Silver City because it is a rural location near the Gila National Forest. If we were to move there I could actually do my hiking on horse back. Is there much of that there?

      • HI Sonny, sorry to hear you won’t get to hike…but I like your attitude of finding a way to get out into the wilderness in some way. I know tons of people who horseback ride, ATV, or bike in the forest. There’s lots of trails approved for these activities. A good place for you to start researching might be: Apache Wolfhorse Outfitters.125 Arenas Valley Rd, Arenas Valley, NM 88022 (575) 534-1379

  2. hi, i was just poking around and found your blog. so cool! i started something similar myself: in december, i decided originally that i needed to walk at least 2 miles a day for my health. and i hate road-walking, and get bored easily, so i decided i’d find a different nature trail/hike/walk to do every day. so far, i’ve walked over 100 miles since january 1st, and almost all in different places (only 1 repeat). i will add your blog to my blogroll, since you’re doing something kind of similar, and also, my dh and i are thinking about moving to new mexico someday, so there’s that, too. thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice to see another Jersey hiker. I’m working through 50 hikes in NJ and to see you’ve recently hit the big 5-0 is an inspiration. I’ve just begun, but your blog has made me even more excited for the challenge and landscapes waiting to be seen.

    Cheers and thanks for sharing!

    • Good for you! Where are you hiking? We used to hike in New York State, South Mountain Reservation, Ramapo, High Point, Watchung and some others. Are you doing 50 different hikes? Some of the hardest part of this is finding the time and hiking mates. Keep moving!

      • Yea, the hikes in the book “50 Hikes in New Jersey” are all over the state. High Point is my favorite. I can see how finding hiking mates might begin to get difficult after the initial novelty. Do you have any posts on how you’ve persuaded friends to spend 2+ hours sweating in the wilderness?

        Thanks for the insight!

  4. beechcreekproject

    Stumbled upon your blog and love the photos and trail stories. I hike and mountain bike as well and love to see and hear about trails in all parts of the world. Good luck on your quest, keep hiking and stay safe.

  5. Love the idea for 100 hikes in a year! Brilliant!

  6. My wife and I want to thank you for sharing your hikes and pictures. We plan to use many of your hikes as starting points for our own adventures when we are back in Silver City in 2013. It would be a pleasure to compare hiking notes sometime.

    Take care of yourself and don’t stress those knees to much.

    • That’s great! Also, I will be writing a monthly Hiking Article for “Desert Exposure” next year. Let’s get together and put some tread to the dirt!

      • The Desert Exposure has been a good resource of us, it’s one of the first things that we pick up when we arrive in town. We’ll look forward to reading your articles.
        We expect to be in SC in early Jan. after some hiking in Big Bend Texas. Perhaps we can make plans to introduce ourselves to you then.

  7. Hike 78, FR 89–you requested some info: my topo’s are in SC and I’m in Pittsburgh but this should help you: see the June issue of Backpacker magazine, pg 18. Use the trip ID number (1597568) to call up the track log of the hike from the Arrastre site to Meadow Creek Road. They use part of FR 89 on this hike and 89 is mentioned in the description of the hike. Nancy and I have done some of this hike and you have serious elevation gain from the Arrastre to the Signal Peak area. The hike would be much easier starting at Meadow Creek and going to the Arrastre.

  8. New Challenges: I like your idea of mixing it up for your next challenge—-hiking, walking,
    and biking. 500 miles should be attainable and I think that you may surprise yourself by going much further. It’s easy to cover longer distances on a bike, especially if you are on a road bike. Walking is something that you can do upon stepping out of your door—no travel time to a trail head and that is time that now will be going to putting in miles and seeing the neighborhood and local towns.

    Pick your favorite hikes out of the 100 and go longer, exploring new territory.

    You’ve established a great foundation, physically and mentally, so build upon that foundation for your next challenge—-what the heck, go for a 1000.

  9. Congratulations on completing your 100th hike and THANK YOU!
    You have provided my wife and me (and many others, I suspect) with lots of hiking ideas and plenty of inspiration. The photo’s helped us see SC at it’s best in all 4 seasons.

    We will be arriving in SC in early Jan and I hope that we can spend some time on the trails together.

  10. i really enjoy this blog as i am new and exploring silver city. Do you have these hikes available in a printed format….pdf without the photos? i would love to keep a copy in our vehicle. thanks for sharing your experience….this is invaluable information to me.

  11. Sarah sundstrom

    Hi ..I’m a long distance hiker and have hiked the AT PCT AZT and others . I’m an addict 🙂 I hope to thru hike the CDT in 2016..my hiking buds rave abt Silver and we r coming to take a look next month …yah !!! Bye Alaska hello sunshine

    • Wow, you ARE an addict – although there are worse things to be addicted to in this world. Enjoy the CDT in this area – it’s beautiful. If you have any questions or need help, let me know.

    • sarah, we are from fairbanks and spend the winters in Silver. we have day hiked portions of the CDT. attempted twin sisters peak today but unbelievably got rained out!
      look us up, if you wanna meet up for a drink in silver and chat. teri

    • Hey Sarah, would you be interested in doing a hike with me when you’re here, and I could write about it for my monthly hiking article in Desert Exposure?

  12. Hey, count me in! Let’s do a hike on the CDT when you get here!

  13. Linda Arredondo

    My husband and I are planning to spend a couple of nights in the Gila Wilderness on our way from Portal, Arizona thru Silver City to Bosque Del Apache in San Antonio, NM. My neighbor suggested we go to Willow Creek area, but we decided it was going to be too far away. We decided on Railroad Canyon which would be on our way to Bosque del Apache. What do you think of that choice and do you have a better recommendation? Thank you, Linda Arredondo, Austin, TX Linda@opportunityfoods.com

  14. Greetings and thanks for all the articles, still lots of reading ahead but …

    My wife, college daughter and I (from Minnesota) would like to find a couple of overnite backcountry hikes for the week of March 12-March 20. We are active and in shape but just getting started with backcountry hiking. Looking for local advice on trails for that time of year. Reading lots about the Gila loop but concerned about abundant stream crossings if heavy snow melt and concerned about overnite temps at altitude that time of year as well.

    Would like to avoid spring break crowds so the Gila Wilderness looks intriguing. Any suggestions?


    • Thanks for contacting me. There are tons of options. We are having a wet winter and that means snow melt in the spring. You could do trails around the Gila Cliff Dwellings. There are several loop trails. One of my favorites is starting at TJ Corral and going up Little Bear Canyon Trail 729. You can loop around to Middle Fork Gila River Trail 157. Gorgeous! But there are water crossings. Another good one is The Gila Flat Trail. This starts near Lake Roberts and heads north on Military Road/Apache Creek Trail 96. You may also consider doing the Continental Divide Trail in the southern part of the forest. You could start in Silver City and end in Lordsburg (or any part of that trail). Less water, less cold. I have an article/blog post coming out on this Thursday that describes the Gold Dust Trail out by the Catwalk. That goes along the top of Whitewater Canyon. It eventually drops down into Whitewater Canyon which may be running strong at that time of year. The book, “New Mexico’s Continental Divide Trail” by Bob Julyan would be helpful. Another book, “Hiking New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness” by Bill Cunningham has lots of trails although lots of them suggest May – November. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Also, I’d love it if you let me know which trails you took! Happy hiking! Linda Ferrara

  15. Have you hiked FT702 out of Iron Creek CG to FT721 to the mines around Silver Creek? Does the trail still exist? I’m in Dona Ana County and would like to do it next Saturday. Any info?

  16. Thank you for your blog, I enjoyed reading your article in the Desert Exposure as well. My husband and I live in Silver City,we hike as often as we can. We are always looking for people to hike with. If you would like company on some of your hikes drop me a line at tiffanysgarcia@outlook.com

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