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Hike #96 – Magdalena Ranch Land – 09-15-12

Every September, Frank and I head up to Magdalena, NM for a 3-day Cowboy Action Shoot with our friends, The Magdalena Trail Drivers. It’s a beautiful place with cholla-filled rolling hills, big sky and stately mountains in the distance. The weather all week-end is perfect: sunny, cool and a slight breeze. I love September!

The dogs and I head out in the opposite direction of the shooting range and find a range of our own. This is cattle country; Magdalena was once the hub of cattle round-ups and still remains a cowboy’s dream. The ground is soft after a good rain the day before; it’s nothing like our rocky Gila home field. The dogs sink in near some animal holes, prairie dogs, squirrels or similar. I see a hill in the distance with a gnarly dead tree on top and decide to head for it. Twenty minutes later I’m next to the tree and enjoy the view. Now I see a corral and barn off in the distance and decide to check that out. Along the way, we find a dirt road (okay, it’s actually two wheel treads in the dirt), a few water barrels for cattle, and a salt lick. The dogs drink from the barrels and I from my water bottle.

Cisco finds a stock pond and does his usual cooling off in it. When Cody’s feet get wet, she does what she always does, becomes a prissy girly girl and jumps out and shakes the icky water off her paws, then runs back to me for reassurance. We sit for 10 minutes and head on back to enjoy the first-rate company at camp.

When we got home from our week-end in Old Magdalena, I found out that Mary Ann, the person who has hiked with me for 25 of my 100 hikes, broke her leg while walking a steep part of her property this week-end. Ouch! She had to drag herself back to her house where she called a friend for help. She’ll be out of action for at least 6 weeks, and then have to work herself back up to hiking strength!


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3.84 Miles / 2 Hours

96 down/4 to go