Hike #100 – “W” Mountain

09-29-12 – “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” –Edmund Hillary

On Saturday, September 29, I completed my goal of 100 Hikes in a Year. I couldn’t be more delighted and proud!

If you want to have a fun Saturday, pick a beautiful Fall day, invite a menagerie of hiker friends, entice them with food and booze to celebrate 100 HIKES IN A YEAR, and then head for the “W”.  We gathered at my house at noon and headed north on Niki’s Rd to the cul-de-sac. Julian and Lynn let us traipse through their property and then onto an old dirt road headed south towards “W” Mountain. Some of you (in all probability not from around here…..) may be wondering what I mean by “W” Mountain. North of the town of Silver City there is a mountain with a HUGE “W” painted on it. It stands for Western New Mexico University and each fall, the college kids repaint it a bright white. It is visible from the entire area to the east, south and west of town. It is currently short one white rock which I currently have as a souvenir.

The dirt road travels the western side of the mountains and is washed out and hilly. I believe it currently holds the water lines that supply the homes north of town. I’ve heard, but can’t verify, that it was part of the old railroad that brought oar from the mines north of town.

When we finally got near the “W” and could see it above us, I was happy to reach it and was ready to turn around. But my companions rallied and won the debate to climb up to the “W”. We found the trail that the college kids must use when they paint it each Fall and headed up. I was surprised to see an open mine hole right there near the path that we all checked out before continuing on. It was steep and there were a few missteps but we all eventually made it up there and boy was the view worth it!

First, I noticed how steep our climb had been; the dirt road was directly below us and we towered over it like Snoopy on his dog house. I enjoyed looking out at the Kneeling Nun to the east, the entire town of Silver City and on to Mexico to the south, and the Mountains to the west, Gomez, Eighty, McComas, and Bear. I sat on the white of the “W” and as my friends took a few photos of me and the view, I smiled from ear to ear realizing that today I will finish my one year journey!

At the BBQ afterwards, someone asked me if I was glad or sad that it was over. That’s a hard question to answer. I will miss hiking twice a week and the anticipation of seeing new trails. But in a way, I am glad it’s done. The preparation, hiking, and blogging took a lot of time. And when you’re doing something like this, the goal is to get to the end. So for that, I’m glad I met my goal.

This morning, I straightened up after the party. And then I dismantled my hiking gear. I put Frank’s GPS on his desk. I cleaned Mary Ann’s hiking poles in order to return them to her. I washed and put away my pack. I took the dog cage out of my car and realized, boy does my car need to be cleaned!

A few stats:

Total Hours hiked: 272.73

Total miles: 385.36

Hiking partners: 23

Joined me on the most hikes: Mary Ann at 26

Cody Hike total: 65

Starting in January, Frank and I will walk, hike or bicycle 500 miles in a year. We can duplicate trails this time and walk on concrete or blacktop in addition to dirt trails. It should be a fun one, why don’t you join us?

I’d like to say thank you to all of you who made this such a fun experience; I appreciate your encouragement, advice, support and friendship. But now, I have GOT to go and clean that car!!

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4.10 Miles / 2.5 Hours

100 down/0 to go


About Gila Hiker

First I hiked 100 different trails in a year, now I write a monthly article in Desert Exposure about a local hike. Come on out to Silver City..... and bring your hiking gear!

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  1. It was an honor to be part of your quest. You bet I’ll join you on the next one!

  2. congratulations, linda! amazing accomplishment. i will miss your posts and photos. it was lovely having a co-blogging hiker. or a co-hiking blogger. something like that. can’t wait for your next challenge.

  3. Hey, Linda! I re-read the blog on hike #91. What nice things you said about me and Joe. I sent the pix to my Mom, to see where we went. We are deeply honored to be included in Linda’s groupies who made at least one hike! This is truly a wonderful accomplishment! What’s the next quest? Can we be involved?
    -The Louisiana Streeters

  4. Congratulations on reaching your goal for this year. I look forward to keeping track of your progress on your goal for next year.

  5. Congrats on reaching your goal. Great to see you’ve set a new one. Good luck on the next 500 miles!

  6. Congratulations, Linda! It has been a pleasure reading about your hikes. Through your writing I have discovered my own back yard!

  7. Hi Linda, enjoying reading about your hikes. My husband and I are interested in doing more hiking (we’ve done some around). Can you tell me how you access the trails for W Mountain, what trails to follow and approx how long up and back the hike takes? Having such a nice fall and would like to take advantage of it with some hiking :). Hope this finds you and you are having more great adventures.

    • Bonnie, we came to from the west – but you’ll want to go to it from the east. Drive up Highway 15 – Pinos Altos Rd. and turn west on Wendy Rd. Park near the water tanks and start climbing up! There is an old dirt road halfway up that you can explore. To get UP to the “W” – you’ll find a dirt trail in front of it. That is the trail you want to take to get to it. Check out the old mine hole up there – just off the trail. Let me know when you go; I’ll look for you!

  8. Linda, I am sorry about the delay in congratulating you on this accomplishment. I live by the phrase “Solvitur Ambulando” meaning it is solved by walking. I hope you found peace and focus on your hikes.

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